For years, I have found it striking, if not revolting that the educational curriculum does not include substantial training providing information about how we can cope with problems that life brings. After all, isn't life a process through which we are constantly confronted with minor or major problems to solve?

Students who take my courses, participants in my trainings and clients who consult me, end up wondering how it is that they have not been exposed earlier to such valuable information. They emphasize how life could be more pleasant and meaningful for them if only their parents, teachers, professors and bosses possessed such knowledge.

Practically noone tells us that the most powerful source that would lighten up life for us, lies within us, especially when combined with knowledge. Strong and precious feelings we experience regarding life events that touch us are many times discarded with conventional reactions.
Basic emotional needs may not be fulfilled when coping with severe arguments, misunderstandings, jealousy, major exams, success, failure, death, divorce, separation, infidelity, chronic disease, a new diagnosis and other life problems. We have no idea what-so-ever as to how we can feel better, which realistic steps we can take in such situations and we usually end up finding our own way in the dark. Yes, this is many times possible through learning the right way to communicate.

I work with you to show you what you can achieve with knowledge and awareness. We may not make miracles happen (sometimes we may do that too), however, being equipped and informed is like owning a handy treasure box that we may resort to whenever we need to. Then, we can bring effective support not only to ourselves but also to others who ask for support. The ability to use this information and to experience its positive outcome empowers us and brings joy to our hearts.

Transmitting this knowledge and bringing awareness to surface is my most precious goal. 

The storms, crashing and gentle waves as well as moments of enlightenment belonging to my inner journey have brought integrity to my diplomas, readings and 40 years of academic experience. Learning from my life experiences has always been for me, a deeply felt responsibility.

I have taken each and every opportunity to share what I learned, first and most important of all, with my children, with new generations and others, in their unprecedented, most precious life journeys, so as to protect them, support them, equip them and empower them. I will continue doing so.

My identity as a pedagogist and sociologist merged together to be enrichened with techniques such as EFT and EMO from eastern philosophies and made up the basis of my consulting work according to needs. This knowledge sheds light on both 'emotion' and 'awareness' and that is the reason behind me calling myself as an emotion and awareness consultant. The titles pedagogist and sociologist were not perfect reflections of my work.

Yet, like many things in life, the wish to grow, to proceed, to learn, to focus on your inner self is a choice. A choice that you alone can make, a choice that requires both will and effort.