Transactional Analysis


Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis is a personality model frequently used in conjunction with emotional intelligence trainings. EQ trainers choose to work with either TA or the Gestalt approach, depending on their background. I have chosen to work with TA.
This does not involve TA being used as a psychotherapy technique. Understanding the TA  personality model is a significant tool in increasing awareness and understanding in emotional intelligence trainings.

The Adult ego state in the TA model corresponds to the emotionally intelligent individual. The ability to manage feelings, effective intrapersonal communication and interpersonal communication combines with awareness of external context and thus enables the individual to plan and act according to goals. Easier said than done! This is a skill we all need to improve for a lifetime! The sooner, the merrier!

Transactional Analysis, as an approach, enables us to have a deeper and realistic understanding of ourselves and others. This outlook provides the opportunity to realistically understand relationships as well.