Emotion and Awareness Consultant/Attachment Parenting Nonviolent Compassionate Parenting Support

Through my personal journey the title which best describes my work gradually emerged : Emotion and Awareness Consultant. Years after working as an emotional intelligence consultant, I chose to continue as a personal development consultant and finally as knowledge of the west met with the wisdom of the east, I happily embraced this title which I feel is a meeting point for all the hats I have ever worn.

I was recently accredited by API (Attachment Parenting International) as a Nonviolent Compassionate Parenting Leader.
After years of personal and professional experience it is a great feeling to be working for API which reflects my life, my heart and my soul.


I am neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. I am an emotion and awareness consultant (Pedagogist and Sociologist).

You can e-mail us for more information and appointments for consulting and workshops 

Consultancy and trainings are in English, French or Turkish.

Who can consult?

Anyone who believes this is a worthwhile step. I consult with parents, students, teachers, adult men and women who wish to feel better, learn and change. Learning and development are alternatives we all have. We all need to feel better and lighter. All that is necessary is to be ready and willing to work on it.

I also teach children EFT, so that they are better equipped in facing difficult times.
I am not a psychologist, I am not a psychiatrist, neither am I a physician. I am an Emotion and Awareness consultant.

Why choose to work together?

If you feel that experiences which may have no significance for others weigh too heavily on you, you may want to enjoy the comfort of expressing yourself without anybody questioning or judging. Feeling better and gaining awareness on how you feel and why you feel that way may be enough to pave the way to positive change. We can work together on that path.

A job change, unemployment, a new marriage, giving birth, becoming a mom or dad, being unable to conceive, an exam, moving your home, seperation from a partner, illness, grief are emotion-loaded life experiences. We can discuss together the possible ways of dealing with such life events.

You may also consult me simply because you want to develop a deeper awareness of yourself or just have the need to feel better.

You may participate to one or more of my trainings because you choose to feel more equipped in your own life journey.

Confidentiality, respect of your unique existence and person are the stepping stones of the road we travel together. The consultant and the client relate to one another in a context of mutual trust and respect. 

Positive change and success always belong to the client. My responsibility as an informed and experienced consultant is to shed light to your path as you proceed and develop awareness of your very own alternatives.