Emotional Intelligence

"Emotional Intelligence" came to be popular following the publication of D. Goleman's famous book Emotional Intelligence, in 1995.

I was studying Pedagogy in Brussels in the early 1970s when I first came across this approach. This was a stepping stone in the beginning of my inner journey - an endless process of learning.

Educators were the first who attempted to expand the use of this approach, the roots of which go as far as C.G. Jung's emphasis on emotions. They had realized its effects in creating a fertile environment for learning. As the effects of EQ on productivity and job satisfaction in the workplace came to surface, the world of business invested in emotional intellgence trainings. Having rarely ever possessed sufficient funds for radical change, anywhere in the world, the education sector remained in the background.  

As research accumulated in universities, emotional intelligence came to be referred to and valued as social-emotional learning skills, EQ being one of the major topics of research in positive psychology.

I am convinced that emotional intelligence is an indispensable tool for healers and energists. Emotional literacy enables the rise of love energy. This is such a facilitator for those who believe in the power of love. When saying that you love someone does not work, when you have difficulty reaching someone's heart, emotional intelligence opens the gates, and can, at times lead to miracles.

EQ paves the way to love. EQ accelerates the flow of love energy. Emotions are the road map to spiritual growth.