Heartfelt thanks to my clients, participants to trainings and workshops, who, generously shared their views, and signed their names.

We sometimes use the phrase "changed my life" lightly, but my experience with Süheyla Pınar was truly life altering. She opened the door of a wondrous new world and took my hand in stepping through it. Her limitless patience, graceful wisdom, and soothing empathy helped me find the most suitable path for me. I deem having met her to be one of the greatest blessings of my life, and it is my humble suggestion to all of you to give yourself the same opportunity. I wish everyone a life surrounded by good people and happiness… 

Ezgi Sakman, Ankara
I was a participant in Suheyla Pinar’s “Emotional Intelligence” workshop, in 2006 at the World Bank, Ankara Office.  This workshop has been the most effective, most beneficial, and most active workshop I ever participated in my life. The depth of her knowledge, the clarity of her style, her tone of voice, her body language, kept the whole office focused for two full days. This EQ workshop brought me a new vision. I used to think I empathized with others, but I realized this was only what I thought I was doing. Now, as I look at myself in 2013, I realize the progress I made since then. I hope I will find occasions to learn and share new knowledge with Suheyla Pinar. 

Hulya Bayramoglu, Ankara
Thanks to her compassionate heart, provides you practical tools for emotional healing. Unlike common clinical labeling, she regards you and your emotions as valuable doors that open to relief from suffering. Her methods are extremely unique in terms of establishing a new relationship with your thoughts and feelings, rather than fighting with them.   Consulting her is like rediscovering your inner worth, namely innocent and pure child in you and cure her/his unbearable emotional pain soothingly.

Aydan Bayir, Great Britain